Pope Francis said today that «thank God the illness he suffers is not pneumonia,» but rather «a very acute, infectious bronchitis,» although he no longer has a fever and continues to be cured with antibiotics, when receiving the participants in the seminar today. on “Ethics in health management” in an audience at the Vatican.

He also explained today the reasons why doctors advised him not to travel to Dubai to participate in the COP 28 climate summit: “The reason is that it is very hot there, and you go from heat to air conditioning. And this in this bronchial situation is not convenient.”

«Yes, thanks. As you see, I am alive. The doctor didn’t let me go to Dubai (…) Thank God it wasn’t pneumonia. It is a very acute, infectious bronchitis,” the Pope clarified during a morning in which the pontiff has kept his entire agenda, although he has preferred not to read the speeches so as not to get too tired.

He assured that he no longer has a fever and that he continues to heal with antibiotics.

“The Holy Father’s conditions are stable, he has no fever, but lung inflation associated with respiratory problems persists,” the Vatican confirmed this Wednesday in a statement after the pope held the general audience before thousands of faithful in the Pablo Hall. SAW

“Health has something opposite, it is strong and fragile. How healthy he is, how he holds up, how strong, but he is also fragile. And poorly maintained health gives way to fragility. «I really like preventive medicine, because it prevents events before they occur,» the pope told the participants in the seminar.

And he added: “I thank them for what they do. Not only look for medical and pharmacological solutions, but also cherish health, that is, think about the good of health. And how to preserve that good. Not only cure but preserve. It is a job for you, I thank you for coming.”

“And forgive me a little that I can’t talk more, but I don’t have the nerve. So what I would like is to greet them,” added the pope on a morning in which he had seven audiences.

The Argentine pontiff, who will turn 87 on December 17, confirmed during the audience that he was still not well «with this flu.»

Last Saturday, Francis underwent a CT scan at a hospital in Rome that confirmed these health problems but ruled out pneumonia.

In this way, it was announced by surprise that due to medical recommendation, he had had to suspend the trip he was going to undertake tomorrow, from December 1 to December 3 to Dubai.

In April, he was hospitalized for three days for bronchitis that had to be treated with antibiotics and which was worrying since the pontiff arrived with fever and by ambulance and in June, by surprise, and due to the presence of adhesions due to his previous surgery for diverticulum in the colon in July 2021, he had to undergo surgery again for an abdominal hernia and was hospitalized for nine days. efe